New officers..

We’re pleased to announce our volunteer officers (and thank you for all your hard work over the last few months)

Dawn Gayle: Media PR Manager
Kelly Dodson: Organiser in Chief
Geoff Webb: Secretary
Rebecca May: Treasurer

If you need to contact us please add yourself to the mailing list!forum/lutonmakerspace

Or email

If you would like to help out please let us know – there is plenty of work to do and there are plenty of positions available.


Pedal shield, speakers and 64 pixel game


A busy day last week with lots of Makers..

  • Electrosmash pedal shield partially assembled (this sits on top of an Arduino duo and allows you to make a programmable guitar effects pedal)
  • A rudimentary game of Pong on an Arduino uno using an 8×8 LED array
  • Distance sensors using the Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Tiny paintings
  • Building a pair of mini active speakers from a kit

It’s been really useful getting together with our projects and getting advice from other members of the group.. we all found our problems were getting solved a lot more quickly than when we try to do our projects in isolation..

Lots of projects and some new equipment..

This Sunday was great – we had some new people drop by (Hi Mark from Hitchin Hackspace).. and Nigel brought round a pillar drill and a bench grinder which are now safely installed where we can use them 🙂

One Steve was making some speakers and another Steve was fixing his car door. Rob was soldering his guitar and I made a wonky balsa box for my noise generator and made a start on the arduino pedal. Geoff is toying with the idea of welding an insane metal drum rack..