Electronics day at the Makerspace

We had lots of electronics projects today..


Rob is putting the circuits back in the guitar which he has been reconditioning (look at the lovely finish on it!)

Steve is getting to grips with the Arduino and experimenting with different ways of controlling the LEDs using the different sensors etc from the new kit.

I’ve assembled my sound generating faux theremin kit despite my very rudimentary soldering skills – here is Rob demonstrating, Next week I will build a box for it!




Stuff to play with..

We have just ordered some Arduino toys to play with, hopefully they will be here in time for next Sunday’s meet – and also some balsa wood and tools for amateur woodworking 🙂

Sunday meeting

Yesterday we all met up for our second session in Flamingo Arts.  It was really productive!


  • James  got the arduino microcontroller working with various neopixel lights and arrays – so that we are able to draw pictures with it and write words..
  • James also brought in some 3d printed items he had made in the Hackerspace in Helsinki
  • Nadia showed us how to make macrame chokers
  • Bekki got her disco light cable working
  • We drew a large banner for the front of the shop, using a projector on the wall to scale up our image and draw round it with sharpies
  • We did a bit of wobbly wood carving using the Dremel

Many thanks to Dawn, Darren, Nadia, Steve, Rob, James, Lillith and Rosemary for a creative afternoon!


And many thanks to Liz and the Open Arts project for continued use of the shop.