April Update

There has been a lot going on this month!


  • We had our first meeting – 9 of us turned up and generated some great ideas and volunteers for the organising board.
  • We’ve planned a regular Thursday meeting at Connors cafe in Bute Street at 7.30
  • We have had some potential offers of permanent space, which is exciting!
  • We’ve reached 79 people on facebook and 33 people on the mailing list (please continue to join!)
  • We’ve been to visit Hitchin Hackspace and got some really good advice from them
  • The Herald and Post have said they will run an article on us (we just want some really good photos to send them in the press pack

Hope to see you at the Thursday meetups!



Luton Makerspace meetings

So.. we are still very much in the planning stages.

We are still deciding how to set ourselves up – as a charity or a non profit company – what our business model will look like, who will be the initial board of directors as we get ourselves started.

If you want to come along and contribute to the planning we have our first meeting on

Sat 23rd April at 13.00, at the George II in Bute Street, Luton.

We’ll have a poster with the logo on it so you can find us.


We’re also arranging a fact finding mission to Hitchin Hackspace on Monday 25th April at 7.30. Drop us a line if you want to come!