This is a page for people interested in having a shared space to use tools and make things in Luton. It is open to anyone.

We have a regular workshop and storage at Flamingo Arts (92 High Town rd, Luton, LU2 0DQ) on Sundays from 2pm – 4pm and Wednesdays by prior appointment.

Luton Makers are currently working on:

  • Arduino microcontroller LED arrays with sensors
  • Programmable guitar and bass pedal
  • Crazy noise generators
  • Balsa wood vehicles
  • Wood carving and whittling
  • Guitar refurbishment
  • Macrame jewellery and friendship bracelets
  • Clay modelling
  • Poster making
  • Mask making
  • Visuals with a projector

Come along and have a go at one of our existing projects, or bring along your own to show us and teach us some new skills 🙂

14-18 yr olds are welcome, and under 14s as long as you bring a responsible adult with you 🙂

A Makerspace/Hackerspace is a physical location set up by a creative group of local people where they can work together or separately on projects they couldn’t do at home. They club together to get access to equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, wood working machines etc, and teach each other how to use them.

Makerspaces can start off small, meeting at a pub or someone’s house, and grow as the membership grows and they can afford more stuff. They are often set up as a non-profit social enterprise or cooperative.

They allow people to start small businesses or make things for their homes and community – or just to learn, chat and tinker.

Here are some local, successful spaces that have already been set up:


We’re currently happy in our space at Flamingo Arts, but when we have more members we will be looking to pool our resources to rent a proper workshop where we can have larger woodworking tools, a 3d printer, laser cutters etc.

At the moment if you would like to do some 3d printing or laser cutting/engraving, our friends at Hitchin Hackspace have this equipment and are happy to discuss your project.




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